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From the land to the food industry

We select a wide range of products for the food industry and processing companies.

Fresh, dried, preserved, frozen, semi-finished.

The Industry and Raw Materials division selects and distributes a wide range of industrial raw materials able to cover the main needs of industrial and craft processing companies. 

The products marketed come from a certified chain after a rigorous selection of products.
With the NTBIO brand we bring the best of fresh Italian organic products throughout Europe.

We also import and export with the company Biobox srl (Biosic Group) also certified Bio and IFS Broker & Logistics to ensure high quality standards until delivery. 

Customized services

Our valueThe certified and controlled supply chain

We offer advice and targeted services for the food industry and processing companies, including confectionery, such as pastry and chocolate, biscuits, ensuring the customer constant technical highly qualified assistance, as well as specific advice on processed and semi-finished products.

We coordinate with proven experience the network of companies involved throughout the business process.
We efficiently manage all business areas (Quality Control, Logistics, Packaging, Storage and Transport) from the land to the customer’s warehouse.

CERTIFIED PRODUCERS: Referencing of producers to ensure a certified and controlled supply chain

INTERNAL QUALITY OFFICE: A reinforced quality system to ensure the entire process with quality control audits of the manufacturer and transformer

PROCESSING: Our producers always find the perfect time for harvesting and the optimal conditions to do so.
The processing meets all quality parameters for a certified final product.

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Cheese Parmigiano Bio

Product categoriesServing the food and processing industry

Over 1000 references, 10 areas of research and product selection. From the experience of the Fruit and Vegetables and Dried Fruit Sector Biosic, a comprehensive catalog to realize the projects of our customers.

FRESH VEGETABLES FOR THE FOOD INDUSTRY: La filiera italiana dei prodotti freschi selezionati per l'industria alimentare e di trasformazione.

A wide range of frozen vegetables from fresh product traced and guaranteed

In brine, in vinegar, in oil, etc..

DRIED FRUIT SEMI-FINISHED : Pastes, granules, roasted products, spreads, etc
SPICES AND FLAVOURINGS: Fresh, frozen, dried, etc...
ITALIAN PASTA WITH ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: A wide selection of products from strictly organic pasta factories from controlled supply chain


Special products

I progetti specialiParmigiano Reggiano Bio

Biosic exports and markets “Organic Parmesan” for over 12 years.

To produce the Organic Parmigiano Reggiano selected by Biosic, in addition to respecting the strict regulations of the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium, aimed at preserving the tradition and high quality of the product, the product chain complies with the Organic regulation also prohibiting the use of O.G.M in animal feed.

The richness and diversity of mountain herbs guarantees milk and, consequently, the Parmesan that we produce, a very particular aroma and nutritional and taste qualities. It is also no coincidence that our product has won several awards in recent years at national fairs and that today it enjoys a loyal clientele.

The production of organic Parmesan cheese selected by us is located about 60 km from Parma, surrounded by the green mountains, in an ideal environment for our 500 dairy cows, who can freely enjoy the pastures and biodiversity.

In our farms there are different types of cows, this choice is due to our belief that the diversity of breeds bred ensures better milk production.

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