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Orari di Apertura: Lun - Ven: 9.00 - 13 / 14.30 -18.30

Added value


Biosic quality service, the added value in every process. 

A strengthened and integrated system. Certified
IFS Broker & Logistics

Biosic uses an internal quality system consisting of 1 quality manager and 2 quality employees, assisted by a team of professionals for field audits.

The enlargement of the organic market over the last 5 years has forced all operators to respond adequately to the growing demand from consumers for safe and quality organic products.
Therefore, in addition to the preliminary verification of documentary conformity, our quality service periodically performs in-depth audits at the manufacturing companies to test their agronomic, environmental and social compliance.

A great commitment to give guarantees to increasingly demanding and diversified customers.

Standard Biosicthe quality service

Biosic’s technical specifications indicate to our suppliers the necessary measures to fit into a quality, traceability and safety system in line with the most advanced standards.

DOCUMENTATION: The collection of documentation that covers many areas (organic agriculture, regulatory, structural, sanitary, agronomic and social sectors) is the essential prerequisite for the functioning of our quality system.

Particular care is taken to guarantee complete traceability up to the producer's agricultural plot and the correct assignment of lots.

VERIFICATION: Our technicians verify the application of our specifications, checking on site all production methods and analyzing in the field the risks that can cause contamination in compliance with the application of the regulations of Organic Agriculture

ANALYSIS: The accreditation of suppliers follows a structured process in which both the Biosic quality office and the external technical office participate, which ends successfully only when all the parameters considered are fully complied with.
Our technicians carry out sample analyses both in the field and during the marketing phases

CONTROL: A dynamic path. Through cross-analytical feedback and traceability to the supplier, our service is able to provide all the answers to even the most demanding customers.

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