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From nuts to processed and semi-finished products

Roasting, Flours, Grains and Pastes in sizes ( 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 25, 40) kg, in Cartons, Bags and Big Bags conditioned also in Atm, Vacuum 

Biosic offers its customers high standards of quality through a process that starts from the reference of the producer to the selection of the best raw material to be used for processing.

Through the optical sorters, the metal detector and the manual control, the absence of foreign bodies in every production is guaranteed.
The constant control of the internal quality staff ensures that the entire process is monitored before and after processing.

Processed products for large retailers, food and confectionery companies, confectioners and chocolatiers.

The production siteThe pole of transformation

Since 2018, Biosic, together with other partners in the dried fruit sector, has founded an artisanal company for the processing and packaging of nuts.

We offer our customers different standard production lines but also dedicated processes to build together with the customer, the desired product.

The experience, the passion for this work and the commitment that we employ has always accompanied us in the transformation of nuts into shells by making products: Toasted, Grains, Sliced, Flours, Pasta, etc.

Seriousness and professionalism are our strong points, together with the quality of the products and the tight controls in every phase of processing.

Consult us for more specific information.

Pastes and creamsThe processing of pasta

We prepare with experience the pasta obtained from prolonged grinding at low temperatures to enhance the taste and quality of the natural raw material. The process guarantees the preservation of aromas and nutritional properties.

The raw materials, natural or roasted, are chosen according to the result that the customer wishes to obtain. This is how a pasta product is created for the confectionery industry and for ice cream, chocolatiers and artisanal and industrial pastry shops. The finished product contains neither preservatives nor additional flavorings.




Granules and flourthe grinding process

Among the semi-finished products of our production, an important space is covered by grains and flours. Products obtained by grinding the best selected nuts.

Depending on the raw material, the roasting and processing processes, we can produce different grain sizes until the creation of even very small flours. (< 1.5 mm)
The flour obtained from the grinding become a basic ingredient to make delicious recipes and rich in taste, both sweet and salty.



GRAINS: almond and hazelnut, but also pine nuts and pistachios

FLOUR: Mainly hazelnut and almond but also carrubbe.

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