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Eco-sustainable passion


Our green commitment

Electricity 100% clean and self-produced.

Over 30,000 kg of CO2 not released into the atmosphere

In 2019 Biosic acquires a new 1600 sqm office completely renovated with innovative bio-building materials, with the aim of optimizing the energy efficiency of the structure.

For us, the role of organic has always been a key to economic, environmental and social sustainability.
Making our company more energy efficient means reducing energy needs in a concrete way and making a substantial contribution to the community by sharing the values of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

For this reason, we are motivated to be a responsible company because we base our projects on shared values, beneficial not only for us, but also to the territorial context, and the people who live the Biosic reality.

think green

1400 trees planted in 1 yearThe eco-sustainable project

The new “home” Biosic is the synthesis of a true eco-sustainable passion. Values always shared in the world Bio.

The structure is on two levels, with a coverage of about 1,000 square meters that allows to produce annually about 120 MWh (equal to the consumption of about 40 units) with a saving of CO2 emissions of about 30,000 kg per year equivalent to about 1340 trees planted.

The energy efficiency sought and desired in the project was obtained by equipping the exterior of the building with ventilated photoactive facades . 

The bioactive technologies used have been applied on ceramic plates treated with titanium dioxide to ensure greater resistance to atmospheric agents.
Treated ceramic plates exposed to light by photocatalysis process produce active oxygen and eliminate bacteria and mould. They also naturally reduce the presence of pollutants in the air.
The ventilated photoactive facade applied on a surface of 750 square meters helps to purify the air like a medium-sized forest of about 60 trees.

The structure is also characterized by electrical and air conditioning systems with high efficiency and low consumption. To complete the project carried out by Biosic, the removal of asbestos cover replaced with a high thermal efficiency system and class 0 in compliance with current fire regulations.

All the investments have brought the building from energy class G to A+.